When Andi Oliver – Chef, musician and TV personality –  wanted to open a new restaurant in Stoke Newington she came to Strong and Co to design the space. Andi’s is the Great British Menu judge’s debut restaurant launched with long-term business partner Kelly Miles.

The core feeling of the restaurant is emotional warmth - a sense of being part of a family, a place where everyone will feel very comfortable and even meet new friends. We used a colour palette made of fresh and bold colours to create a space that is warm and vibrant; as diners move through the space the colour palette darkens in the more intimate nooks. Lots of plants and flowers, both inside and out, have been used to help the energy of the place feel fresh and characterful. 

In a secret courtyard the garden can be found. Lighting features, bespoke decorated flagstones and the existing Wisteria sets the backdrop to a space where diners can sit and relax.

The fundamental aesthetic vision is about loveliness, gorgeous colour, detail and warmth. There is however, as always, a business sense to be balanced with the creative and we consciously offered colours that encourage the appetite in the main space. We also kept costs down by working primarily with high-pigment paint, wallpaper, glass and planting.