Twitter wanted to thank their clients for working with them and to reward them with festive fun and goodies. We wanted to generate a buzz and to cut through the Christmas Clutter. The aim of the game was to get people not only using the platform but to associate it with real glow and value.

We produced 15 stunning snow globe installations, each containing five gifts based on the passions of Twitter. Each gift was desirable and luxurious, a gold Bowers and Wilkins T7 wireless speaker, a Panasonic Lumix camera, 128GB iPad mini 4, a Diane von Furstenberg Soirée embellished velvet and leather shoulder bag and a Charge HR wristband with a £200 Nike gift voucher.

But, of course there’s a twist – each snow globe was in fact a puzzle box, which can only be opened with the correct tweet to win the gift. To find that tweet you must engage in a Twitter Treasure Hunt that takes you on a journey through Twitter’s stories, users and passions.

Twitter provided the Treasure Hunt aspect and we worked with our developers to so you could even tweet the globe to make it snow!