Channel 4 and Film 4

Channel 4 plays a pioneering role in independent British film production through Film4, which encompasses the Film4 channel, Film4 productions,, Film4OD and most recently Film4.0.

The brief was to design an innovative new way to pre-launch Random, a Hillbilly films production. The key objective was to raise awareness within targeted demographics with a view to driving a new audience to watch the TX. The aim was to engage grassroots audiences in London, Birmingham and Glasgow while developing a tailored distribution model.

We created on an innovative and diverse screening programme, organising pre-launch pop-up screenings in barber-shops, cafes, festivals and on big-screens in parks and collaborated with Channel 4 to produce and distribute a branded DVD pack containing a covering letter, a copy of the film, a poster and flyers for each of the venues. For an invited audience of VIPs we also produced the premiere Film4 screening event at the Hannah Barry Gallery.

The concept of people holding their own screenings was very well received with an almost unanimously positive response from prospective venues wishing to get involved and hold their own screening. Many more events were held than the number originally anticipated.

The screenings led to the development of Channel 4 Arts strand Random Acts which showcases 260 diverse, specially commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold and original content.