For ten weeks every two years the city of Liverpool is host to an extraordinary range of artworks, projects and a dynamic programme of events. It is the largest international contemporary art festival in the UK.

Strong & Co were commissioned to create ephemeral events for the opening parties of the Biennial in 2008 and 2010.

Our brief was to create an ephemeral event in response to “Touched” thematic. A site specific installation that is, at the same time a high-end event for guests from the London art scene.

For the 2008 Liverpool Biennial we transformed a derelict warehouse into a series of installations inspired by the history of the building and it's location. The building was abandoned and knee-deep in trash and leftovers. We cleaned it out, made it safe and licensed it. We used found items to create installations inspired by Liverpool and to borrowed shipping parts from the Dockmaster, interspersing the pieces with antique furniture and specialist lighting.  

For the 2010 Biennial, we created a series of site-specific installations created in response to the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse. The installations were interactive, creating event spaces, dancing platforms, and VIP areas.

We built a raised Japanese tea-room style area with walls constructed from lit and translucent pallet wrap walls, and featuring a live Acer tree set into matt-black coal pits. A Sound installation of old-time dock sounds and sea-shanties was set on the quayside around Victorian props and furnishings. Curious found-object installations were inspired by the buildings market history.


The Liverpool Biennial