The Wellcome Trust are a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. Strong and Co was commissioned to create a large scale experiential installation around the theme DIRT, to form part of the Shangri-la area of Glastonbury festival. We created the Decontamination Unit and the Skywalk.

Covering the walls of the set designed slum-land alleys in invisible UV paint, we created a visual way of “infecting” tens of thousands, dividing festival goers into two groups, the contaminated and the clean. The only way to achieve purity, cleanliness and salvation was through the Decontamination Unit: a tightly controlled zone of disinfection produced in partnership with by Guerilla Science. At the entrance, bona fide microbiologists and psychiatrists assessed the contaminated revellers to determine if they required physical or moral decontamination.

One route lead to the spilling of dirty secrets, a psychological purging. The other led to physical purification, complete with digital scans, chemical sprays and biohazard suits. After winding their way through our cleansing chambers, the newly clean would exit onto The Skywalk - a pristine higher level of Shangri-La.

This large scale project combined set design, AV, interactive performance and sound design with real scientists in the midst of a busy festival environment.

The Wellcome Trust